Cant use my midi keyboard when Recording!!

Hello! I have Cubase 9 PRO, midi Arturia Keylab61, when i play in stop mode - all right, but when i toush REC - midi notes is missing! Pedal and Modulation yes, i see, but where is my play???

Hi and welcome,

Check Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. I would guess MIDI Notes will be filtered out in the Record section, in your case.

it’s very strange from steinberg to put a filter on record keys by default…!!!
Problem solved, thx.


By default, the filter is switched Off. It had to be switched On by any accident.

Ok. Next issue! When I close the DAW the system give me error and switch off the computer. What this?

I would recommend to make a new thread.

Switch Off the computer? This sounds really weird. What error message was it?

I made a new thread