Can't use shortcut to browser while in Dorico

This might be a Windows thing, but…

I have a shortcut built into my computer keyboard (Fn+F10) that opens my chosen browser (Firefox, in my case.)

It works at all other times, but for some odd reason, it does nothing when I am using Dorico.
I have a shortcut on my StreamDeck to access my browser, which works from within Dorico.

So it’s not the absolute end of the world or anything, but…

I was wondering if you were aware of this? Or if I am the only one whose keyboard browser shortcut doesn’t work?

I assume the key on your keyboard is mapped by some kind of utility provided by the manufacturer of your keyboard? Perhaps the keyboard software has some settings for applications that it shouldn’t interfere with the shortcuts for, and Dorico is defined as one of those applications? I’d suggest looking into the software provided by your keyboard manufacturer, as I suspect that is where the answer will be found.

I’ve used three different keyboards, by different manufacturers.
I recently changed to an expensive Redragon keyboard, and the dedicated "
browser" button does the same thing (ie: nothing when within Dorico, but otherwise works fine)

But it’s ok, I was just wondering, because Dorico seems to be the only one of my programs that does this, so I presumed that it’s probably linked to some Dorico function of which I am unaware.