Cant use spectalayers

I have Cubase version 12 (I use the software from version 3)
And every time I make updates and buy new versions
Then you added the SpectraLayers version 8 plugin and then you made version 9
And I used it too.
You recently released an update to 10
I did the update and I got a message that I have to pay
Shouldn’t I get it for free?
I purchased a code on your site to upgrade from version 9 to 10
And when I write down the code it tells me that I don’t have a license for 9
I remind you that I had 8 + 9.
I would appreciate your help please

Cubase Pro 12 and Artist 12 include SpectraLayers One 8 and 9. @Robin_Lobel, the developer of SpectraLayers, has confirmed that SpectraLayers One 10 is not currently available - it will require a future and as yet unreleased version of Cubase Artist, Cubase Pro or Nuendo.

I don’t know what update code you bought, but you cannot use it: paid updates are only from the higher editions of SpectraLayers, SpectraLayers Elements and SpectraLayers Pro, which require separately purchased licences.

If you want SpectraLayers 10 now, your best option is to buy a SpectraLayers Elements 10 licence, which will give you additional features compared to SpectraLayers One.

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Thank you very much, I bought an upgrade code from 9 to 10, how can I get a refund for the upgrade and buy the 10?

Refunds are given from the seller only.

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