Can't use Time Warp tool

Even though my temp track is set to Jump, when I turn on the Time Warp tool and try to insert a tempo point on the temp track (option-click) I get a message saying 'No grid editing when Tempo is ramped!" Why am I getting this even though the tempo track is set to Jump? I used this feature before all the time and never had this issue until I switched to Cubase 8!

Did you already add any tempo ramp in the project.?..Warp will not work if this is the case.
Apparently it can happen even when you may not have a ramp but have entered a single point while in ramp mode.

Manually replace the ramp with small steps or try the workaround here:

There was a tempo point that I entered but I was in ramp mode when I did. I’ve taken out the point and still can’t use TW. Strange.

Well as it turns out the very first node on my tempo track was indeed created in ramp mode. Must have accidentally created that a little while back. Thanks to tech support, I just created a new node in jump mode, and put it right at the beginning and presto, it works now. So you were right Grim.