Can't Use Virtual Midi Keyboard or Midi Controller


I am using Cubase Studio 5, it can my Oxygen 88 midi controller under “Device Setup” i.e. “Active”, however, when i hit the key, there is no signal coming out and no sound generated from my VST. I tried using the virtual keyboard on the screen just to counter check but there’s no signal coming out as well.

Tried closing Cubase and start those VST on standalone basis and they worked perfectly well with my Midi controller. I am tried using Notion3 notation program and it turn out ok as well with my midi controller.

Have tried unstalling and reinstall again, same problem

Any idea what’s wrong?


Did you enable the Monitor button on the MIDI track? Active just means it’s selected as an input on a track. Which VSTi?

Thanks for the reply. Have turned on the monitor, no luck. Tried using all VSTi i have, including Steiny’s own Prologue.

The thing is that there’s no midi signal coming out even if i use the virtual keyboard. Really strange.

The virtual keyboard within Kontakt 4 interface actually works, there’s midi signal and sound when i hit the virtual keys. But not Cubase’s own virtual keyboard.