Can't Verify Dorico Pro 3.1 Crossgarde

Hi All,

Downloaded DORICO SE 3.1, tried it and liked it. So today Tuesday 1/21 (2PM US eastern time), decided to go for the DORCIO PRO 3.1 Crossgrade (from Sibelius 8.6).

Unfortunately, my Anti Virus (ESET) flags the verification site as a “Phishing” site. I get an option to “ignore” the warning, and I can proceed, but then I get a blank screen (on the verification site). Tried it on Firefox and Chrome - same results (and turned off my “Ghostery” (anti-tracking)) settings.

Even tried it on a vanilla version of Microsoft Edge with no Ghostery or Ad Blockers running. Got to the checkout page, got warning from my Anti-virus, ignored it, and proceeded to the verification site - and once again - got a blank screen.

Any ideas?

What exactly is it that I have to provide in that screen for verification?

Do I need a Steinberg licenser dongle to run Dorico Pro 3.1? The SE version loaded up very nicely without it. I do not own any other Steinberg software products. Will all the included software (HALion, etc,) run without the physical licenser dongle?

Given that the website states that verification of the crossgrade can take up to 2 business days, do I still have enough time to purchase at the 30% discount price and initiate the crossgrade?

Danny V

You should not need a USB eLicenser (dongle) to run Dorico Pro 3.1. You can use a soft-eLicenser for Dorico Pro just as you can use (a different) soft-eLicense for SE.

Not sure why your screen is coming up blank. Someone from Steinberg will likely show up here or contact you shortly.

Welcome to the forum, Danny V. I’m delighted to hear you tried Dorico SE and decided to go for Dorico Pro.

I’ve not heard of anybody being warned that AskNet’s verification site is a phishing site before. Are you definitely starting your purchase from the Steinberg Online Shop?

The proof of qualification you need is simply a screenshot of your Sibelius 8.6 about box showing your System ID. A JPG or PDF will do fine.

You definitely still have time to complete your purchase: provided you submit your request before the end of the day on Thursday 23 January we will honour the promotional price.

I managed to purchase and install the crossgrade purchased from Sweetwater in the US. As someone else had mentioned on the Facebook users group, the download comes down from Sweetwater incorrectly noted as Dorico Pro 2. But just go ahead with the install, and eventually it indicates that the install is in fact for Dorico Pro v.3 (and v.3.1 gets installed).

With that said, I also downloaded and installed the HALion Sonic SE Additional Content (Symphonic Orchestra, and Soundiron Olympus Micro). The install completes, the Additional Content appears in (WIN10) my download directory: …/HALion Sonic SE/ Additional Content/VST Sound/.

But when I go to my newly installed DORICO Pro 3.1, I don’t see any reference to the newly installed Additional Content. I only see the previously installed SONIC SE, which I installed a few days ago with the DORICO SE install.

Probably user error - but what do I have to do to get DORICO PRO 3.1 to recognize the newly installed SONIC SE Additional Content (and can I move these directories to another location in my file system)?

Danny V.

I heartily endorse Sweetwater also. They are very efficient and sympathetic handlers of both cross-grade and/or educational discount requests. And no, I wasn’t paid to say so!


Danny, there’s nothing more you need to do: provided you see e.g. HALion Symphonic Orchestra and Olympus Choir Micro listed when you run Steinberg Library Manager, you’ve got everything correctly installed.