Can't verify upgrade – eLicenser says not created on this computer

I’ve tried all the steps above, but I get to the point of confirming the upgrade of the 3.5 Soft e-Licenser and it tells me ‘The Soft-eLicenser stored on this computer doesn’t seem to have been created on this computer.’ This is not true; I’ve had this computer since before 3.5 came out (though I have been a Dorico Soft e-Licenser user since literally day 1, so I have bought a new computer since then – a seamless transition at the time).

I cannot progress further with the upgrade activation, and can no longer use Dorico. I also cannot seem to figure out how to open a ticket for service as suggested in step 4; when I click on the provided link I am taken to a series of support articles and FAQs and any attempt to open a support ticket leads me into an endless chain of new tabs opening the same FAQ/article pages.

How can I resolve this?

Welcome to the forum, Daryl, and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience caused. I’ll send you a Download Access Code via private message that should resolve the issue for you.