Can't View Multipart Editing

I can’t figure out how to visualize the multi-part editing in the midi editor. The only things I can apparently view on the left window are: Transpose, Quantize and Length. There are videos online of people being able to turn on and off all their individual midi tracks from the left side of the screen, but mine isn’t giving me that option. What am I missing here? Is this feature only available for MAC users?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Yes, this feature is available for Mac. Do you have Cubase Pro? The buttons, where you can show/hide the Zones, there is also the button to show this list.

The new feature is available for both Windows and Mac.
Use the full screen note editor - this will give it to you.
The note editor in the lower pane doesn’t function in quite the same way.
The Steinberg video about this feature doesn’t make this clear.