Can't wrap my head around Driver usage.

I love Cubase, so many of it’s tools and features suit my workflow. However something I’ve been having a lot of difficulty with is being able to switch between using cubase and watching tutorials. I get sound coming from cubase, then click play on, say, a youtube video, but then sound will no longer come out from cubase. Currently using ASIO which I know takes exclusive control, but “Release driver when application is in background” does nothing, and neither does [Reset] (as per steinbergs instruction). Between ASIO4ALL and Generic LL Asio driver I have no other options for driver usage. I can’t seem to find any info on this anywhere through query either.

So I guess my question can be phrased thusly: In cubase, how can I easily switch between Tutorials and the DAW’s audio? ASIO doesn’t seem to work, Releasing the driver/Reset doesn’t work either and has a 50% chance of crashing the software. :unamused:

Thanks ahead of time for your replies!

What audio card are you using?

FiiO E17

There is a setting in the audio device setup that tells Cubase to allow other applications to use the audio device. I think it is something like, “release audio driver when Cubase is in the background”.
Try checking that option.