Cantabile DAW and UR22 interface problems

I have been experiencing problems between Cantabile DAW and Steinberg interface UR22 ASIO drivers. Most of the time, the DAW application crashes right after trying to turn audio engine on and “connect” to the interface. After some experimentation, I discovered that if I set DAW to work at 44.1k sample rate, there’s no crash. If I set to 48k or other sample rates, most of the times the DAW hangs so hard that only a cold reboot is able to recover PC operation. I read the Cantabile log file and every time I try to start the audio engine previously set to 48k, there’s two immediate attempts, one at 44k and the other at 48k, after what there’s an unrecoverable crash. It the sample rate is previously set to 44.1k, audio engine starts instantly and flawlessly. Is there anything that could be done by Steinberg’s end?