Cant't browse an external drive when importing an "Media Project File" from Cubase Pro in VST Live

Hey Steinberg, I purchased the vst Live because I’m a audio engineer for bands and I like the all in one approach to the idea of the Stage management. So dope but this system needs work. I’ve been usind Cubase since the SX version so I’m a bit spoiled when it comes to speed and workflow. My first issue is that when im editing on the Tracks tab and I want to pinch or expand the window horizontally, I like to click on the timeline bar and go up and down to pinch and expand the window respectfully. You have to Move the slider with the mouse and that irritating and prehistoric… Secondly, I wanted to import a media project with stems from my cubase Pro into VST Live. I followed the instructions and opened a cubase project, saved a Vst Live Media Project file to my hardrive in a folder, and I choose to reference the Audio files in that project. All of my cubase Songs folders are on a 4tb external hardrive and that’s where I saved my Vst Live Project file at as well. When I went back to Vst Live, I tried to import the newly created file and I could not see my external drive in the open file browser window. I can only see my internal hardrive. I was stuck. That’s where I saved my file… So I cancelled out, moved the entire Cubase song folder with the created vst Media Project File over to my desktop on my enternal drive. I then reopened Vst Live, went to the import the Cubase created vstlive file (*Mediaprj, *vlsprj) and it just crashed the software and it vanishes from my screen. I tried to reopen VSTlive 7 times and the same issue, Crash… Is it the OS maybe? I’m using Catilina version 10.15.6 . Thirdly, there’s very limited support for this app. Lastly, the DMX aspect is what grabed my attention and its the first part of the app I checked for when I first open it… If your familiar with Dmx interfaces its quite user friendly, but when I checked for compatible interfaces, the support is extremely limited and there’s no list of tested working interfaces … I’m using ADJ My Buddy 2.0 Dmx Interface. Its very inexpensive but works fine with the provided application it comes with. But I cannot get Vst Live to recognize it… Is there something to be done to include all Interfaces and how to connect them in the future…??? Also where are the recommendations of DMX interfaces that actually work? I don’t wanna search the entire web for info that the makers, YOU should be providing. I’m a bit dissapointed with this software and this current moment with hopes of seeing some improvements and also getting some help and feedback from this post. aoutside of this Program, I love all the others you guys have dropped over the years and I’ve noticed the big leap in sound selection and quality that steinberg is offering in now the prodution softwares. Keep up the great work.

Hi @djsikchyld,

welcome. Let me try to get your feedback answered …

… that’s a missing point, yes. It’s already on our requests list. Meanwhile, position the mouse over the timeline and use the “Ctr” (win) or Cmd (mac) key together with the mouse-wheel ot track pad. That will zoom in and out.

Oh! That’s a bug. We’ll fix it. Sorry.

Can you please give us the crash -logs? You will find them here

What do you mean?

Are you talking about that one?

Sadly, there is not one protocoll that needs to be implemented and you can support them all. If users report us that their interface is not working we are trying to get it supported.

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Hello, I have just downloaded the latest version from yesterday (1.3.16) and the issue of browsing external drives is still not fixed. Any news on this issue?

… we will push the prio of this one for the next version. Thank you for your reminder,

Looking forward to it. Thanks.

Hi @Stefan_Gillmeister,

… please download and install the latest version and let us know if it is working for you now.

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It works. Thanks!

Thank You