Capo chord font size

Hi there,

I am working on a songbook and the clients asked me to write the capo chord symbols in a smaller font size than the regular chord symbols that are written above. I was shown an example from a Coldplay songbook which, I think, looks sleek:

To my knowledge, this is currently impossible with Dorico 4.1, but I think, it would be great to have a dedicated font style for capo chord symbols in one of the next updates… :wink:

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Yes, I believe you are correct, and this is a good idea. We’ll try to do this soon.

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Hi Daniel,

unfortunately, little has changed in this area, although work has been done on the display options for capo chords. Is the separate font size for capo chords on your list?

Thanks and best wishes!

It’s on the list, certainly, but it’s not yet been done.

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