Capo chords don't align across the system

Two strange behaviors in this project, in which I’m using capo chords for the first time.

First, when I closed and re-opened, the capo chords (which had been nicely aligned above the main chords) were now squished on top of them. In Engraving Options, I increased the space, which seemed to fix it, although I don’t know why closing and re-opening changed anything.

Secondly and more problematic is that the capo chords are not horizontally aligned, and I have no idea how to fix it. Also, the vertical space between the chord symbols is inconsistent. It looks pretty bad.

Here’s the project file.
Breathe on Me Breath of God-band.dorico (953.0 KB)

We know that the vertical position of capo chords above main chord symbols is problematic. The issue is that chord symbols are not laid out as a simple run of text, but are constructed from multiple symbols stitched together, so there is typically not a single baseline value that can be applied in all cases. That’s really what’s needed, however, because without being able to position the baselines at a consistent vertical position, the gap between the chord symbols will appear visually different depending on the presence of e.g. descenders or stacked components in the capo chord symbol. This is not simple to address but it’s something we do hope to improve in future.

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As for the horizontal alignment, it’s confusing to have a left-aligned block of two lines centered on a note. I tried setting the horizontal position to left, and the offset to –1 space, and they read more clearly.