Capo Chords

Just checking - do we have support for capo guitar chords (alongside the non-capo versions of the chords) yet, as we were promised “soon” in 2019? Or do I still have to keep going back to S******s for my lead sheets? (Dorico 3.5)

Local chord symbols were introduced in Dorico 3, meaning that you can show different sets of chord symbols above different staves.
There’s currently no functionality for capo chord symbols that go immediately above the regular chord symbols.

Thanks - that’s a pity! I don’t like having to swap between notation programs, because all the keystrokes are different!

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Capo’d chords would be very useful to me too +1

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I’m not sure Sibelius has proper support for capo chord symbols in any case – back in my day, at least, it was provided only in the form of a plug-in from the redoubtable Bob Zawalich. But I can confirm that we’re planning to provide decent support for capos, from top to bottom, affecting not only chord symbols but also chord diagrams and the tablature and notation itself.


Yes, Sibelius did it with a plug-in (provided with Sibelius), but it was buggy - it got the capo positions wrong. The author told me he’d offered to fix it, but the team wasn’t interested.
Still, I see it’s announced in Dorico 4 - time to explore how it works!