Capo feature request

I quite like the capo support. Thanks for this.

It would be nice if there was support for the simultaneous use of two capos (e.g. one full and one partial higher up on the neck). This is quite common in live performance situations.

Also, in the spirit of comprehensive support for a feature, there are at least two other capo types that exist and some may find useful.

One is a universal capo which allows any string combination (not just contiguous strings) to be affected by the capo.

The other is a sliding or rolling capo. This capo can be moved very easily with the thumb while playing to adjust the key mid-song. I understand that this can be accomplished using an instrument change and this is quite acceptable (to me at least). Maybe others would think it was useful to support it more fully so that one could incorporate slides between capo changes.

(linking to this thread, where similar issues have been discussed for completeness):