Capo tuning Dorico 4.2 constantly crashing

Hi (MacBook Pro 2017/ 2,9 GHz/ 16 GB/Monterey 12.6/Dorico Pro 4.2/ NP 3). Standard guitar tuning/capo fret one - getting to string E2 and trying to set it to sound a minor second up Dorico crashes. I have tried to reinstall the program it does not help. Anyone?

It’s certainly true that Dorico shouldn’t crash, but I don’t think you really want to change the “Starting fret” value here. “Starting fret” is used for instruments such as the banjo where one (or more) of the strings is shorter than the full length of the fretboard. What you’ve done is to create an instrument where none of the strings run the full length of the fretboard, which is confusing Dorico. If you want to change where the capo is positioned then you should leave “Starting fret” alone and edit the capo definition by pressing on the “Capo…” button.

Yes, I have done that - setting the Capo button to fret 1. But this have, as fare as I have experienced, little effect on the sounding pitch. What I want is to make the guitar into a transposing instrument (yes, it is but…) such as notated E4 is sounding as F4. In this way the musician can read and play (almost) as usual but the sound is a minor second up. To achieve this I have had to make a new tuning for the instrument and import this one - it works fine writing the score, but when printing the guitar part it is transposed up a minor second. I have tried concert pitch, transposed pitch both in the score and in the part - it is still showing up a minor second up in the part. It seems to me the Dorico will not acknowledge the guitar as an transposing instrument. I will find a solution but I think it is strange that the guitar part is showing as I want in the score but not in the part…

In that case you need to set the spinbox to the right of the “Capo…” button to either “C#3” or “Db3” (depending on the transposition you want) and then on the Players page of Layout Options you need to turn on “Use fretted instrument transposition” and ensure “Transposing layout” is also on. You need to do that separately for each layout that you want the guitar to transpose in.

Here’s an example that might help:

The Eagles - Hotel California intro capo.dorico (784.5 KB)

In this case I’ve shown concert pitch in the Full Score and transposed pitch in the Electric Guitar part.

Thank you -I have done all in your second reply and as fare as I can see your notation in Hotel California is not transposing (except for the octave) but concert pitch. What I am aiming at is to notate the guitar non transposing but make it sound a minor second up. It does in the score but not in the part - it is like sounding…

In the “Hotel California” example, the notation in the Score is not transposing, while the notation in the Part is transposing - the difference is in the way that the Layout Options are set. If you post your project file here I’ll happily take a look.

Thanks again - here are an example - guitar trio:
Guitar trio example.dorico (626.4 KB)

Right, so you’d turned on “Use fretted instrument transposition” in the Full Score, but you hadn’t turned it on in any of the parts. Layout Options are independent in each layout so if you want to make changes to multiple layouts you need to make sure you’ve done it everywhere.

Here’s a fixed version:

Guitar trio example fixed.dorico (633.6 KB)

I also fixed the tuning and the capo definition, as they were wrong too - that won’t make a difference to the notation, though, only to tablature (if you turn it on).

I see - this did the trick - thank you!