Capos, chords spelling with Dorico 5

Hello!! I think I have a tricky situation here. I’m working in a piece wich has flamenco-like harmonies. It is in Eb minor, and the most used chords in the piece are B and Bb. I know that in classical music notation the B should be written like a Cb, but I don’t want to do this because I’m arranging for Jazz musicians and I know they won’t like reading a Cb chord.
The thing is that for guitar I’m using a Capo in the first fret so the guitar player plays Bb and A, very common chords for flamenco. Dorico is spelling the Bb as a A#, which makes no sense with this kind of music.
Any solution for respelling transposed chords in a very custom way?
Thank you!!

You mean this?

Yes!!! Working fine now! Thank you very much Nukkul!
I had the capo guitar inside a player that also had a guitar without capo and I just had to put the capo guitar in a new player in order to make work your instructions!

Thank you again!!