Capture automation in Protools

Hi guys,

In protools there is a feature called “Capture automation”. I would like to know if there is an equivalent feature in Nuendo 5.5. Please help.

Thank you

Can you explain what it does and how it is used?

Yes you can do this in Nuendo 5.5

It’s called Global Snapshot and you can find it in the menus of the automation panel. It is not as cut and dry as it’s protools counterpart but it more or less will do the same thing.

  1. with all automation in READ mode, place your cursor over a part you want to copy.
  2. STORE global snapshot
  3. Globally disable READ and WRITE
  4. Place your locators around the area you want to punch the automation too.
  5. Put automation into PREVIEW.
  6. APPLY global snapshot
  7. Turn on WRITE only for tracks you want to apply the copied automation too, leave it off for all others.
  8. Turn on TO LOOP
  10. globally turn READ back on.

When I use this, I always have an automation lane showing so I can at least see if it’s working or not.

If all went well, you have now placed and static copy of the automation where you wanted to.
If you have to repeat this a few times before it actually sticks, don’t be discouraged

Another thing on this topic.

When you take a global snapshot, it takes a very large amount of automation info and stores it in the punch log with the project file. If you are on a PC, this will contribute to the large session file size and slow save issue you may have read about. It can help a little if you limit the amount of items that are saved in the punch log. I save 5 at most. It can also help if you deliberately delete that global snapshot punch info.