Capturing from a Homemade CD


I’m sure I have read on the forum, albeit some time ago, a posting about this problem but I can’t find anything using the search facilities.

I have a CD which I created using Wavelab Essential 6. ( which I still use) I would like to recapture the data and refine it and then save it in a different format. My basic problem is that I cannot get my Wavelab to record from the CD or DVD player. The other capture facilities work i.e. Mic and Tape imput. As I write I am looking at the manual but haven’t found any guidance yet. I’m fast running out of time and would be most grateful to anyone who can give me lead as to how to go about it.

Thank you,


Bomac to Bomac,

Look in the “Tools” menu !!

I’m sorry to have shown my ignorance when the software makes it so easy. I really must read the manual a bit more!
Thanks anyway.