Capturing sound from YouTube

How can I capture sounds from YouTube to use in Cubase? Is Audacity safe to download? I have Cubase 9 and Wavelab Pro 9. If I capture a sound using Audacity can I use it in Cubase?

Make the proper routing of the Audio signal by using physical or virtual cables.

Yes, you can use a sounds captured by other application, if the sound is saved (exported) with common file type (WAV, MP3, etc.)

I have just used Groove Agent 4 and in Percussion Agent it said, More preload memory requested than the maximum of 1200mb. It then says, Increase the preload limit or decrease the preload time. What do I do? (PS, everything works in 16 bit but the chimes only work going down and at one speed)

Forum search would help you here.

Where do I find the Options Menu for Disc Streaming? I’ve looked all over.

Well you seem to have trouble with searching in general so not surprised :mrgreen:

Don’t you see this??

Ah, thank you!