Car audio question

This is really odd.

I totaled my 2002 Montero at the top of 2015 in an ice storm. I replaced it with a 2006 shortly thereafter. The previous owner of the 2006 had replaced the power antenna with a permanent one that was very loosely attached. So, I had it replaced with correct power antenna assembly. Now, I can no longer get NPR (which is my favorite station)! :astonished: All of the other stations still come in as usual. But my listening time to them combined would be 1/10th my normal NPR listening time. Anybody have any idea why this ONE station suddenly turned into static 95% of the time?!!? The 2002 with the power antenna played it clear as a bell. The 2006 with the jacked up antenna played the station clear as a bell. WHY would I lose it now from this new antenna? :confused:

I’d go back to where you got it installed… or have you done that already?

Taking it back tomorrow.