Careful if you rely on Steinberg Support

Very standard, at least on Chrome. :grinning:

I’m not sure who these comments are addressed to – for my part I was only remarking that a logout as part of a security menu is rather strange. The fact that logout is frequently directly at the top level of user settings I don’t dispute.

My initial remark of it being tied to the MySteinberg was a bit over-hasty and from memory only, I freely admit :upside_down_face:

Yes, as I said it’s habitual and probably started some while ago when I had troubleshooting authority with a bank’s systems/programs. It was an instantly sackable offence to leave one’s computer logged on while away from it (if caught).
No matter. this message was a warning about the delay in responding then logging me out which I didn’t ask them to do…in case someone tries to use that support route. I was a newcomer at the time.

Thank you for pointing out where the log-out is. I found it whereas I failed to at the time I contacted support.

Indeed, Steinberg support can take months to respond. This is my personal experience, too.
End users on this forum are much more helpful.

“Steinberg Support” is too generic for me. I can’t speak for the Cubase Team but let’s not put them all in the same category.

The Dorico team are exceptionally helpful and quick to answer (if others haven’t already) when there’s an issue. You can pretty much time Ulf with a stopwatch when there’s a systems problem.

Ivor and @ntsarb are no doubt referring to our in-house support team in Hamburg, who do indeed struggle through the sheer weight of tickets they receive to reply in a timely fashion. This requires a lot of different solutions – it’s not as simple as adding more support team members, though we have done that. We also need better technological solutions for users finding answers for themselves, smoother purchase and download processes, a different license management system, and so on, and so on. We’re working on all of these things, but they take significant time and energy. What I can tell you is that our support staff are dedicated and have a great deal of expertise, and they work very hard for all of our customers.

My advice would certainly be to post here on the forum rather than to raise a ticket with the support team. For one thing, you have an audience of hundreds, if not thousands, who can potentially answer your query if you post here.


I dare say that disturbing the extremely busy, great professional support team with a request to help a child to simply log out (!) and then ACCUSE the team of being too slow and doing the thing wrongly is a bit too much.

Let’s let the support guys deal with REAL issues NEEDING support.

Sorry and feel very free to flame me. :rofl: Well, I am actually not sorry. :joy:

I contacted Steinberg support for an issue with the license system about two months ago, but I haven’t received any answer yet. Yesterday I wrote again, if I’ll receive no answer I might post the issue in this forum

Why wait? They may be hoping that your question will be moot by the time your request surfaces.
:smile: David

Last week I had trouble with installing Dorico on my new computer. The Steinberg chat online system was slow to respond at first, but he did solve the problem immediately once we were connected. Maybe try the chat instead of email.

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For what it’s worth, the chat facility is only available for users in the US, who get support via our colleagues at Yamaha. The European support team don’t provide a live chat facility.

They finally answered me today and immediately solved my issue with the eLicenser. I just had to wait a little bit longer

Clearly, your support team is not adequate for our needs and your advice that we should better post here on the forum rather than raise a ticket contradicts your argument that “they work very hard for all of our customers”.

Maybe you have just revealed a secondary problem, i.e. that in the absence of sufficiently large support team to support all customers in a timely manner (primary problem), the support team work harder for some customers and neglect others .

I expected a more professional response from a Steinberg rep. Very disappointed.

Welcome back to the forum, @ntsarb. Things are somewhat different than they were a year ago. Are you still having problems? Is there something I can help you with?

A year later, you can’t help much with the tickets I had opened. Maybe you can help with something different, though. Can you please respect my SAVED selection of cookies when open the web pages of this forum and stop asking me the same question again, and again, and again? I won’t click on “Accept All”, it’s more likely I’ll try to avoid visiting the forum…

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You could check the long discussion of this very issue two posts below your comment, perhaps.

Yes, please refer to this thread:

I’ve contacted the person with responsibility for this prompt and have asked them if they know why there might seem to be a change in why the prompt is appearing repeatedly for people.

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Along with others here, I had a problem with licensing about a month ago. I dont recall all the details any more, but I believe that the advice of the pinned message was to contact Steinberg support in the event that the instructions did not work. I raised a ticket, but before they replied, I received appropriate help in the forum. A long time later, support responded and I wrote and told them that the problem had been solved. I am still getting emails from them about this, but they dont seem to read my replies, telling them that the problem was solved (weeks ago). At this point I have given up on them.


David, I guess you have been receiving support from our US colleagues. If you let me know your ticket number, I can pass it on to them to let them know they can consider the ticket closed.


Thanks for your interest. I have sent you a copy of the latest emails.