Caret jumps around between different staves

When I mark a note, and press the right arrow the note to the right gets marked. Every time I press the arrow, the marked note moves right.
This is of course what I expect the behavior to be.

What started happening for me in Dorico 2, is that the mark note would be the note to the right, but sometimes not in the same staff or instrument.

So if I have a string quartet and I have the first note of the 2nd violin marked, I press -> and I get the 2nd note marked, I press it again and I get the 3rd note marked. I press it again, and all of a sudden it jumps down to the viola part and marks a note there…

Is there anything I’m missing?

No, we have fixed a bug that would sometimes cause hitting the right arrow to actually jump to an item much earlier in the music (potentially even back to the start of the project), but the price of that fix is that sometimes it ends up jumping to another staff. I’m not sure whether the cure is worth than the disease in this case!

We know that in general people don’t much like the way navigation works in Write mode in Dorico and we hope to address those concerns in future by implementing a different kind of navigation that is more explicit about the types of items it will navigate to.

Well I find the “cure” worse, but if one can’t tell what’s cure what’s desease … maybe the poblem lies deeper in this case!

I understand that you have it already somehow on your list, but nevertheless I’d like to express that I would be extremely thankfull for that, because this is every-day stuff, and a consistent and logical behavior (moving around, copy-paste without surprises, i.e. keeping the contracts of UI basic funktions) in the score when going mostly with the computer keybord, without having to re-position the caret with the mouse quite often, is for me much much more important then getting new cool features. (While I of course love all the new features in Dorico 2, and I really appreciate the work the Dorico team does.)

I agree with taguluche. I’d like to see this issue prioritized for development.

I have this issue and created a video of it. Write mode right arrow through a flute line for no reason will jump to the piano staff. But I guess you know of it. It hops at only that point which was at last beat of a measure. It was occurring after a bar was stretched due to a harp gliss if that says anything. I eliminated it. It still did it. Maybe stretching it… Jumping straight down same measure. Still does it at that measure with flute music deleted and right arrowing through the whole rest empty bars. I put quarters in again and tied it across out of curiousity. it went away.

I noticed that 2.2 did not fix this one. The caret movement is still not predictabel - thus constantly breaking the flow of work.

I appreciate the lot of new features very much indeed, and really indeed, and I mean it, but:
you are planning to fix this, do you?

I think, with a note selected, and using the up-down-left-right keys, the selection should stay a) in the same stave (of course) b) with noteheads.
Up / down should circle through the notes of a chord in their natural sequence, not jumping over notes that carry accidentals or so.
I should need an additional control key to chance “level” to slurs etc, or to change to the next upper or lower stave.
That would be really great.

You’re not talking about the caret, are you? You’re talking about hopping the selection between different items, so the vertical orange line (the caret) is not shown, but instead the item itself (e.g. a notehead) is selected, and you’re moving around with the arrow keys.

Yes I have the same experience. The right/left arrow navigation in write mode is totally unpredictable. Hope you will look into this.

This issue has been discussed at length on the forum before. Please refer to some of the earlier discussions. (A search for “arrow key navigation” will turn up quite a few threads, I think.)