Caret not appearing

Hi! I am just new to Dorico, hoping to switch from Sibelius.

As I am getting used to the software I am struggling with one issue (i am sure the solution is easy…)…

Often, when in input mode, the “caret” does not appear. This prevent me to access several function.

It does only appears after inputting the note, which is tricky when trying for instance to add voices. Anyone can help?

I am aware of "pressing Shift + V"to add the voice. It only works when the caret is appearing

Video attached - I am trying to write a second voice but failing miserably.

ScreenHunter 227.png

You’ve attached a static image, I’m afraid.

How are you attempting to invoke the caret? The expected methods are:

  1. Double click on a stave.
  2. Select an existing note or rest on the page and type Enter or Shift-N.
  3. Select any other item on the page (dynamic, playing technique, tempo marking etc.) and type Shift-N.

You might find this video helpful for learning how to work with multiple voices.