Caret placement at new measure

When inputting notes and I get to the end of a measure and hit space bar, if Dorico creates the next blank measure the input caret does not start at the beginning of the new measure (see 1st attachment). I have to hit Command Left Arrow to get to the beginning.
If however the new measure is already created by me (see 2nd attachment), then the caret is at the beginning of the measure.
When blank measure created by Dorico.png
When blank measure is already created by me in advance.png

You should find that Space always advances the caret by the note value chosen in the notes panel, regardless of whether or not Dorico creates a new bar.

In both example, the note chosen was the same (8th note), yet the caret placement is different.

I think what is confusing you is that when the caret is at the position that corresponds with the start of the next bar, the caret is aligned with the final barline but the next bar has not yet been created: you can type or play a note at this point and the bar will be created. If you hit Space again, then you are moving to the second eighth note position within the bar, which causes the bar to be created even if you don’t insert a note.

Thanks for the clarification.