carEt position after deleting

A little ‘nagging’ over here :smiley:
Maybe lots of you have another opinion, but I really find it much more practical if the carEt position would stay at the same place where I delete a note because I want to insert a note at the very same place or copy-paste at the spot where I just deleted something. For me it’s strange that the carEt jumps 1 grid position backwards after having deleted sth.
Knowing Dorico a bit now I could bet that there is something in the notation/engraving options to change the handling of the carEt :smiley: …couldn’t find it yet though.

I’m afraid that this is a feature that has been added because before that, nothing at all was selected and you were forced to use the mouse…

No, I think Peer is talking about the way the caret itself moves when you delete something in note input, not about how Dorico now keeps something selected if you delete an item when editing the score (i.e. when the caret is not shown). But the caret has always moved in this way when deleting during note input, and I don’t anticipate us changing this.


hmmm…i love carots…they are delicious - :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: - but only if they don’t move backwards after you removed the green part of it :laughing:

yes, that’s what I meant. I understand. It just doesn’t feel fluent for me.