Cargo Cult Matchbox for Nuendo

I have been using Cargo Cult’s reconforming app Matchbox with PT and had tremendous success with reconforming and matching picture cuts, edls, aafs, stems, production sound assembly…

When I saw that moment how fast and efficient Matchbox can execute the process with Nuendo, it blew my mind… now I love Nuendo even more :slight_smile:


Amazing isn’t it?


OMG! I just emailed them a few weeks ago asking if Nuendo integration was on the horizon. Hadn’t seen yet it has been released! Awesome!

This company rocks. So glad they are adding PT-only features (even improved ones) for Nuendo. Same goes for Envy!

I really hope they add Nuendo (and PC) support for Spanner, their panning tool.

If anyone doubts wether this would be of any use for them the answer is probably YES!

When doing a reconform many new edits are now undetectable with very little cleaning and fixing needing to be done. Its quite magical. What could in a large project take a day or so to fix now has zero issues to be fixed and only any new inserts needs to be patched up. It is bloody brilliant.

However be aware that to get these results it is quite a lot slower than Nuendos reconform tool, but still faster then running it in PT (but PT can’t do all the cleaning anyway) so it’s all relative. If you turn off the cleanup features its quite fast.

The compare features of matchbox is the best in the business.

Hoping someone can clarify something for me. I’ve been waiting on a Matchbox sale (and there is a sale now for Black Friday), but wanted to test the trial out first.

Is Matchbox only useful if EVERYTHING changes in a new edit version? What I mean is… Let’s say I have a 30second ad mix done (very simple example). I get told that a new version is coming to me. Everything about it is the same except the dialogue clip has been shifted to the left a couple seconds. Music, SFX, etc (all playing at the same time as the dialogue) is all the same. In other words, just 1 clip has slightly moved.

When I compare the “before” and “after” aaf’s in Matchbox, it says everything is a match, even though the dialogue clip has slightly moved. If I understand correctly, it’s because the majority of the clips are unchanged, and Matchbox is NOT clip-based reconform…it’s time range based. So it can’t move some clips and keep others in the same place if they are in the same time range.

So my question is, for examples like this, is Matchbox not useful? It’s only if there are very big changes where almost everything has been changed in some way or the other?

In this simple example, my best bet would just be to manually move the dialogue clip?

I’m basically just trying to figure out how and when Matchbox would be useful!


I think it should pick up even a single change as a “DIFF” it is then up to you to select the appropriate track it’s on And only reconform that track.

The “problem “ with matchbox is that it is so vast that it is quite a bit you need to understand how it all works. I for one do NOT fully get it all yet but still find it hugely helpful.

If it doesn’t report it as a diff, email Justin and ask if it shouldn’t. He is very approachable.

Cargo Cult offer a demo of Matchbox

I’d really suggest you try it first as it’s too expensive as an ‘impulse’ purchase (in my opinion!)

Also remember that you have a Cargo Cult 30% off voucher in your MySteinberg account although I can’t find any way to apply it in the rather archaic Cargo Cult checkout system ? so not sure if it’s valid during sales.