Hi there ,heres one i wrote when i was in a country band some 20 years ago and we put out on a cd at the time. i originaly recorded a demo of this song myself on a fostex 4 trk machine before we actualy recorded it in a studio. ive shipped all the tracks of the 4 trk demo into cubase and put the "tempo detection tool " into action and now that it`s all quantized i can go about trying to improve it.i used most of the original guitar parts ,i just added an acoustic ,drums and bass and vocals (soz about that). ta

Wow, this came from a Fostex four-track? I had one of those, which died miserably! You are so country on the guitar, you could apply for US citizenship. Maybe this one is not the Fostex version, but the CD version – certainly I never got sounds like this out of the Fostex. Love it in any case, you are a monster player, and I do admire what you have done here.

Country’s not my thing but gotta agree with early…very acomplished geetar work goin on…and who needs a plugin to administer that vintage feel when you’ve got stuff from a Fostex…genuine vintage!!!

Hi Kevin and Leon, ta for your reply`s and kind words . yes most of these guitar parts are from the original Fostex-160 4 track demo ,they are in perfect sync with my new version .i used the tempo detection tool which was introduced in cubase 6 one of the best ever tools in cubase, i use it for re working old audio in real time. i could put a version up of the song and switch between the 4 trk and new version no problem just for a laugh .

ha ha Leon so you had a fostex, which version ?.i also had a fostex X-15 £250 the cheapest one going in the mid 80s thats more expensive than cubase in todays money, i wrote lots of tunes on that machine but yes, it eventualy broke ,i still have all my old demo cassette tapes, lots of them ,so i bought another X-15 from ebay,aww bless.



Nothing beats tape. :wink:

Thankstwiddledihanks.© .ha ha cheers jet