"Carpe Diem" - pro mix

Carpe Diem

Vocals & guitars - Ian Rushton
Bass - Shayne Williams
Drums - Michael Barker
Keyboards, production and mix - Eddie Rayner
Recorded at Roundhead Studios
Auckland, New Zealand

Again, this sounds fabulous.

In particular I’m struck by the BVs.
Whatever went down there is pure gold.
Was it beer? Worth every gulp.

Cheers Jet :slight_smile:

You’ll love this, those are the BV’s from my original version… both myself and Shayne, and there could well have been beer involved at the time… I honestly don’t remember, but I rather suspect the answers is ‘yes’ there was! :wink:

I reckon this one is absolutely smokin. I’m quite thrilled with this to be honest… and I have to say it was a real blast to jam this one out in the studio, and in particular, playing along with a drummer of Michael’s calibre was a real treat! :slight_smile: Man, has that dude got some skills! :sunglasses:

Only shows to goes beer that good is. :laughing:


I’m a usualar reglar too. Wouldn’t wecord rithout it.

Yep, this one’s good too :sunglasses:

as a band this is smokin and would sound great to see live. this one has very cool vocal work I’d be proud of for sure.
great up step in this song. nice tail off on the end with the vocal, excellent.
:laughing: the beer, I watched the last vid in the studio looking for at least a keg of fosters lager sitting somewhere, no joy :confused: :open_mouth:

Cheers guys :sunglasses:

Of course not! :smiling_imp: Fosters is an Aussie brew!

Our beer looks more like this:


Wow, sounds amazing. Great stuff. Do you find Bandcamp to actually work for you? By that I mean do you get listens and a bit of residual income?

Cheers! :smiley:

Bandcamp… well looking at the stats from the site generally the number of listens is very small - except for when I post a new song here - then there’s a few hits. :slight_smile: Actually in the last week there’s been around 150 listens since I posted up these new tunes, most days it’s zero listens.

The reality is that it doesn’t really matter where you put your music, if you’re not able to market and promote it then noone is gonna find, it unless they just happen upon it by chance. :confused:

Oh, and total earnings from Bandcamp (from several band pages) over the last year or so is 50 cents! :laughing:
Not gonna give up my day job just yet! :smiley:

lol All good, eh? As long as someone listens, that’s the important part!

Sounds good Ian!
Vocals are really good on this one. :sunglasses:

Mike’s drumming is great!


You can see Mike in action here:


I love any song with a tambourine playing 16th notes :laughing:

Drums sound good, incl snare

Redeemed at last! :laughing:
Actually none of the snares are the original! Ed used Steven Slate Trigger to swap them out. :smiley: