Case-by-case ossia?

I suspect this isn’t possible, but… is there a way of having ossia staves show/not show on a case-by-case basis?

I have a few instances of ossia staves I don’t want showing in my full score, but one specific instance where I DO want the ossia to show.
I tried making an additional staff, which would have worked except it won’t let me resize it to ossia-size without also affecting the staff it’s attached to.

No, unfortunately ossias are all or nothing for a particular layout.

Damn. this is a requirement. I hope it will appear some time down the line.

Don’t know whether this work-around will be of help or not.

There is a way to hide the second (extra) flow in your final copy, but I don’t have time to chase it down this evening.

fauxOssiaTest.dorico (476.9 KB)

You could maybe fake it by using a section player, and divisi, with overridden labels?