[Case Closed] Is there a way to change default master output plugins?

Thank you for backing up my point. Also, my nationality (though I am not a Japanese) is not related to this case. I do admit that I wasn’t trained to discuss things nicely in English, and I do apologize for that.

My “default” parameters of compressor are also tampered by me following Paul’s suggestions, hence my lack of knowledge.
I will find a time taking a screenshot of what its official default settings are, and give it to you so you can continue testing the project provided above.
(I personally don’t trust you, hence my hesitation of compromising my project to you. Or maybe someone else is a better choice in providing the screenshot, since I don’t see your trust to me. You didn’t read the twitter link I posted above, right?)

Lu Xun / Rojin’s point (through one of his article almost a 80% decade ago is right:

When you feel hot in a room and asking for opening the window, no one gives you a fk; when you suffered enough with this and break the window, everyone stands up and they curse you for your overreaction.