Cassette to computer.

Hi folks. Total newbie here. In my 60’s as well so go easy. I have a Steinberg UR MK II with the associate Cubase le/ai software hooked up to my laptop. Everything appears to work and I’be gone through the first tutorials.
What I want to do is record my cassettes and put them on my external hard drive. At some point I would like to put some of this music on cd.
Is there some one who can guide me through this or point me at information to help?
Thanks olddog :smiley:

I would try Plugging the Cassette player’s output or line out to your computers line in or Mic input. Launch Cubase. Add an Audio track. press play on the cassette player and see if there are indicators that audio is being received in cubase. Start there and come back if there any any issues. If not you should be able to just click record in cubase and it should record.