Cast A Spell

Hoping to get any suggestions prior to finishing mix and master. This is a song featuring John Santos on Percussion, Beth Gottlieb on Marimba, Brian Allen on Upright, Chris West Sax & Flutes and yours truly (ME lol).

I tried a new plug on mastering and then Normalized in cubase, not sure how it works on this song. Let me know :slight_smile:

Very cool track. Love all the changes.
It’s a great mix with great parts.

A bit of low-freq thumping going on
with the opening goanna, just in a few

Loved it.

Thanks for the insight, I am trying out FabFilter MB compressor…I might have to reduce the low frequency there. Is it only
at start on Piano?

Yes, only on the opening lizard.

The rest of the track sounds fine. Listened three times. :smiley:

To my ears, the mix sounds ECM. Beautiful song and playing. You could go through and edit to tighten up in a couple places. Maybe turn down the congas here and there. But I just got back from band practice and my ears are shot.

And, you are a Corea fan!

All I can do is listen to your stuff in amazement…way over my head :slight_smile:

Very very tasty. Any reason you didn’t credit the sax player on Soundcloud? I really liked the sax solo. I wondered whether the ambience around the sax was a bit more than the piano and put it in a different space - nice sound nonetheless (a bit Weather Report-ish) To put this in context: I’m not very good at mixing and I tend not to listen to actual mixes unless there’s something glaringly obvious. Great tune and playing!


Ha Steve thanks so much for pointing that out! I forgot to update credits after I recorded the Sax…It is Chris West playing Alto & Concert Flutes, Soprano Sax. Chris is a great player that released a CD not to long ago that was featured in Downbeat :slight_smile: He also has a great band called the Junkyard Horns. Here is a plug for Chris playing all instruments, it’s a Stevie Wonder Medly featuring Mike Farris on Vocals feast of woodwinds (Nashville is a Crazy Place)

I hear what you are saying on Verb and hopefully I am closer in this new mix. I have been using the new AXG Spring Verb and I am still getting the hang of it. I still may need to turn shakers down a bit but I like them out front.

Hi Kenny,

What can I say? Great work, as always.
Wonderful arrangement and well played by everyone.
Nice soprano solo by Chris! :sunglasses:

The intro reminded me of Chopin. Nothing wrong with that! :slight_smile:


Thanks Wim, I cut percussion on one tune we did not sure if I should use it or not would love to email it to you to see what you think

No problem Kenny. You’ve still got my email address?

Yes Wim, sent them your way