Casting Off question

I try as little as possible to mess with Dorico’s casting off process. Page turns are usually the things I have to adjust, but I do have a general question: I have a part, I set the Staff size, things get readjusted, and everything kooks good, except for the bottom staff, where the dynamics - hairpin and ff are below the frame. I know I can adjust this manually, but does Dorico not “see” the dynamics when casting off? Or does it just go by number of staves? I have also had to adjust things if there are a lot of ledger lines below the bottom staff, or fingerings on the top staff. In any of these instances, I have not made any frame breaks, no system adjustments, or any other layout maneuver other than selecting the staff size.

Dear R Pearl,

You can change the bottom frame padding, if you feel it is not enough… You can do it on a local basis (Engrave mode and properties panel) or global basis (change the padding in the masterpages)
Hope it helps!


Merci! Yes, I know I can extend the frame, change the rastral size - many small tasks to get things to fit. It is just that I/we keep hearing “let Dorico do it, it probably knows more than you/we do”, and in most cases, that is correct. But this seems a simple thing, and my question has to do with why it happens in the first place. But then, there are many things I do not understand…

The bottom frame padding is set to about 1.5 times a rastral size 3 staff height by default, so unless you have a lot of very low notes in the bottom system of the page, you should find that in general there is enough room for dynamics and things to go below the staff without spilling out of the frame. However, as Marc says, if you find this to be generally not the case, then adjusting the bottom music frame padding on the Page Setup page of Layout Options for your part layouts should help.

Got it. That will help, as I often do have bottom system with a good number of ledger lines (blame the traditional notation, not me!).

Thanks for clarifying this!