Casting off, two-bar repeats

It looks like casting off treats a two-bar repeat as a single bar. For example, if I have four bars on a system and I turn two of them into a two-bar repeat, now five bars will be on that system. Is this the intended behavior?

It is, because Dorico won’t allow the two-bar repeat to be broken in the middle.

Daniel, thank you for taking the time to respond. I understand that it’s bad practice to split a two-bar repeat across the system and I think it’s great that Dorico actively encourages people not to do that. I don’t see how this has anything to do with counting two bars as one bar for casting off purposes. Still, it doesn’t require too much extra effort to make explicit system breaks so this is a very, very minor complaint.

Oh wait, I guess I do understand a bit. “Can’t be broken” turns into “treat as a single unit.” That way you avoid questions like “what happens when there is a four-bar system and the use creates a two-bar repeat region starting on the fourth bar.” Although I would argue you could just force a break before or after the range in such cases.