Castle (guitar instrumental)

This is a demo of guitar instrumental. I play all the instruments. It could do with being a little tighter…

amended link

Hi…Nice music

That’s a fair comment.

I post my music as a way of getting production feedback rather than whether my music is fit for the charts, final print , whatever… Particularly as this is a cubase forum I’d imagine production would be a prominent focus. Therefore when I do make excuses for the musicianship I’m hoping that perhaps the songs other qualities might warrant some comment, i.e good song idea or production merits. I hear many varying degrees of musicianship here and as many on this forum will be home studio artists I’m hoping we can look pass the discrepancies and get the idea for the efforts submitted. I compose, produce and play all my instruments on my tracks but it would be a tall order for me to be proficient enough to produce high quality finished versions especially with my limited time…

Please don’t get me wrong. All comments are appreciated as they offer another perspective and that’s what I want. I’m just saying that from my perspective I’m hoping that the positive attributes shine through the obvious inconsistencies.

I appreciate you commenting

Good work, I like the guitar strum kinda replacing the snaredrum, that’s creative :slight_smile:
The song sounds good to me, but it could really use a vocal because it’s a bit empty in my opinion.
The lead guitar reminds me of Dr. Who :sunglasses:

Yes I agree, it could do with some vocals to fill it out a bit…