I hope you like it…

that is a really interesting piece…and gets even more interesting at around 1.48 !! dare I say that the time it takes to get to 1.48 is a bit too long and can i ask you what the pad is please and also what are using for the tabla’s or whatever they are, cheers, Kevin

This piece made with StylusRMX, Hypersonic and Virtual Guitarist.


Thank you…

nice job!

The first minute is too dry on the reverb I thought and it does take too long to get to the main theme at 1:20. In my opinion it should take half the time to reach that point.

I didn’t think the change of chords at 3:30 followed the preceding progression or theme very well, it didn’t elevate or heighten anything to me, just made it drag on too long and repeating the same melody too many times. The melody is good though, sounds like an 80’s movie theme with a synthy soundtrack, good job that if that was your intention :smiley:

I think the thing to work on would be a nice B section that is different enough to feel like a real development but that doesn’t sound alien to the theme or style. Good job with it so far!

Thank You guys all Your words!

I tried the new Cubasis iPad app. This is the “test song”:

A very accomplished sounding track though the first 15 seconds doesn’t really connect with the rest of it…some great sounds and nice playing…you say this is a test track so I look forward to hearing a finished track…Kevin

Interesting sound design, really like the track when it gets going!
Agree with the others though, the intro could be a bit shorter.

Is the electric guitar from hypersonic?

edit: the test song: I agree the first 15s. don’t really belong to the track. I would get rid of the delay on the drums after the intro, they fill up the mix a bit which gets annoying imo. It’s a good track though, was this just using the available instruments in Cubasis too or did you export it to Cubase?

All sounds from Kurzweil PC361. No other instrument. The mixdown made in Cubasis, I did not export into Cubase.

Sounds like Jan Hammer’s work for Miami Vice, but it’s well done.
Nice job! :sunglasses:

Thank You. :wink: