Catalina and E-Licenser issues, anyone plz ?

OSX 10.15.2 (upgraded from Mojave)
E-licenser dongle, latest generation
E-licenser software, latest version.
Macbook retina 2015.

Opening Groove Agent or Halion 6 (standalone or as plugin in other DAW’s then Cubase)
gives me e-licenser error message “No license detected”
The licenses are on the dongle, i can see them in the e-licenser software.
The strange thing is: Cubase 10.5 does start succesfully, without e-licenser error.
(BTW: Also many plugins from Vengeance i have licensed on the dongle give me the same error message)

Remedies i did:

  • clean up/maintenance tasks in e-licenser software
  • Uninstall > Reinstall e-licenser software
  • put e-licenser usb dongle in other USB ports
    All no solution.

Anyone plz to the rescue ?


Try to follow the instructions mentioned here, please.

Hi Martin, thanks for your support.

I checked those instructions, then checked the instructed settings in my system prefs > security & privacy:
Those settings are looking correct.

So no solution i am afraid …