Catalina Compatibility

Hi folks, namely Devs,

I seem to recall Daniel saying that Dorico 3 was not supported under Catalina a while back.

Is this still the case? The official release of Catalina has recently dropped…


Dorico still isn’t Catalina compatible. Apparently there’s going to be a small Dorico update this week. Maybe that will fix the Catalina issues?

I can give you a first hand account tomorrow. Downloading now and will install shortly.

A quick test upon installation of Catalina shows no problems. Upon launching Dorico 3, I had to allow Dorico to access several file paths, after which Dorico launched and everything worked as expected.

Only a short test because it is pretty late here, but so far so good.

Will update tomorrow after more testing.

Well, now you should not be able to export audio nor XML… But it’s not as if Leo didn’t tell you it was not supported yet :wink:

Following! :slight_smile:

Wonner, the thing that people have been complaining about is the Export functions on the File menu. There should be options to export MusicXML and Audio, but they go missing. Do you have those options?

Wonner won’t have those options unless he is using the USB-eLicenser.

Fortunately the problem is fixed in the Dorico 3.0.10 update, which has now been released.

Just got the Dorico update installed and Export options appear normal. Still early here so not much time to work, but so far everything is looking good.

Obviously, I won’t be able to test all of the functionality that every user may need, so there is still the caveat that someone with a project deadline would still be advised to wait.

FYI, I am using the software licenser, so I have no way to test for USB licenser compatibility.

Hahaha thanks Daniel, good timing!

I do see the export menus with the update. The xml export works, but Dorico stalls out when I attempt to export audio. Same behavior whether I export compressed or uncompressed. The first file appears to complete - in the attached graphics, the soprano file ends up 10mb, however, it plays back silent. The second file is created, but no further progress after that. I have to cancel the export, then force quit Dorico.

Does this problem affect all projects, or just this one? If just this project is affected, can you please zip it up and attach it here?

Hi Daniel,

I’m seeing problems consistently with Sanctus. Other projects seem to have the same issue intermittently.

In the second project I’ve attached - Two Forward - sometimes it crashes like Sanctus, other times it completes the export. I am attempting to export each track as a separate file. When Two Forward does export without crashing, it includes the “chord track” on every instrument track. (506 KB) (873 KB)

Hello everyone,

I have Dorico pro 3.0.10 on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) 2,7 GHz Intel Core i5 double cœur 8 Go 1867 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 Mo. It is crashing every 5 to 10 min when i am using it and i need to force quit and start again. i tested different project and it behaves the same way. it happened directly after the catalina update i did 2 days ago. Is there an update of Dorico coming up after the 0.10?

Thank you in advance for your answer!

Anomrace, can you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file, which will be created on your desktop, to this thread?

brownium, your projects export OK for me. Could you also please create a diagnostic report and attach it here so we can see what the nature of the crashes is?

Diagnostic report attached.
Dorico (530 KB)

Uninstalled Yamaha Steinberg USB driver v1.10.5 for macOS completely. My UR22mkII seems to work fine now under Catalina. Weird but true.

brownium, all of your crashes are in the VST audio engine. I will pass them on to Ulf, since I’m not in a position to diagnose problems deep in the audio engine. Please bear with us.

Aside from Dorico, as a general caution for all you mac users, do not upgrade to Catalina until you are 100% certain that it works fine with all your hardware and software.

I’ve had over a dozen emails from companies telling me that they haven’t finished beta testing yet, and can’t certify that their product will work with Catalina.

The odds are good that Dorico isn’t the only program you are using, best practice is to turn off auto update and sit back and relax, and wait and see.


here is the report
Dorico (531 KB)