Cataloging of Dorico tutorials

I am unable to find a catalog of the Dorico tutorial videos in the Dorico Blog, is there one existing? an index/ catalog of the videos would make it so much easier to find the relevant video for the topic one is interested in. It would be a great time saver.

Have you checked the Dorico Group on YouTube?

There’s no catalogue, I’m afraid, no. The search feature on the blog is reasonably reliable, though, so you should be able to find the ones you’re looking for. A categorised list would be a very good thing for us to add at some point, though.

True there is a search feature on the blog however, it doesn’t seem to return search results of the “Tip Tuesday” videos.

Do you mean the Dorico Channel on you tube? yes I have checked there too. however I find the short videos of Tips Tuesday available in the Blog very valuable when looking for some clarity on certain specific Dorico features. These videos I find, give short focussed information and therefore a search function would be extremely helpful.

You might find this link at least somewhat useful:

Thanks, yes the link is certainly useful. however, all topics in a page of display would have been more useful as it would have facilitated speedy location of required videos. For beginners and intermediate users of Dorico this would be extremely useful and time saving. Maybe the index can be made even now. Thanks in advance for the same.

Try this page:

Thank you so so so much!
Yes this makes it so much more easier to quickly refer to related videos! A great help to beginner & intermediate Dorico users trying to utilise full features of Dorico.
Thanks once again.