Catanya Arp issues

I got Catanya about a month ago and have used it a few times. I’m starting to see a problem that seems strange. If I instansiate it in a song create the midi track and them move on to another vst, closing and opening Catanya leaves me with a Catanya Instrument Interface window thats just a few pixels high and a few wide. There is no way to expand this. I’ve tried all manner of removing and saving the song , rebooting ;every time I bring Catanya back in a song that its used the window is a small rectangle that won’t open.

I emailed 7 Aliens and they put the entire blame on Steinberg. This is their response to my second email that pointed out what I thought was a dismissive attitude:

with all the respect to you as our customer. Anytime the Steinberg release some update to their host, there is something wrong with our plugins in it. Sometimes its just setting issue, but sometimes its an issue (like this one) that we’d need the Steinberg cooperation to fix it. All the time there is DEMO version for all the people who want to buy and we do encourage them to try before the purchase. We are also here to answer all the questions and solve the problems. There is an issue with Cubase 5.5.2 that we cant fix at the moment. We have a lot of Cubase users, but fortunately not everybody works with 5.5.2 version. We, as probably the only VSTi developer, offer your money back if you cant use our plugin as you want to although your purchase was almost a month ago. We are sorry, we wish it was otherwise, but we cant find the problem in our plugin that would fix the 5.5.2 Cubase issue. Catanya is coded in delphi at the moment and we work on c++ version this very time. C++ version will be compatible with all 64bit hosts and Macs. We also suppose it will solve all the Cubase problems now and in the future as the coding languages will be compatible. By then, forgive us we cant help you at the moment and if you wish, we will let you know about the release of this new version. Have a nice day.

Anyone else have issues with this plug in? Anyone have this issue and find a work around?

BTW here is how Catanya comes up center screen scroll left

Hello, I’m having the same issues with catanya, will tell you when (if) I find a workaround. :confused:

Same problem here. I can use jbridge and set the gui to load in a seperate window, this at least allows me to see the interface, however when I setup to run an arpeggio all that seems to happen is that the note is sent straight through without any arpeggio at all. Strange… bugs…

Hi @ all,

please ensure, that if you are using Cubase as a 64bit application, the 32bit plugins need to be installed to a different folder than the 64bit plugins.

If the GUI of the plugin won’t be shown, that could be the reason for the problem.

Try this please:

  • reinstall the plugin to a different VST- Folder.
  • now add this new folder- path in Cubase (Plug-in-information/ VST 2.x Plugin folder)
  • restart Cubase

:bulb: It happens somtime, that after a new update of Cubase older plugins from 3rd parties won’t work anymore.
This only can happen, if the programmcode isn’t 100% VST 2.x SDK compliant. In this case the 3rd party developer has to fix this.

Thanks for the response on this. I’m using Catanya on XP 64x but running CB in 32 bit mode. Problem with unscalable gui is random . It works sometimes and then doesn’t. A big issue here is that the developer has a very hateful attitude towards Steinberg (read my first post) and it seems the bitterness blinds their willingness to address except vaguely promise a 64x solution in the future.

Hi Mr. M,

  1. Win XP 64bit is not supported from any DAW- Software. Win XP 64 has never left beta, I had tested it several years ago. After 2 weeks I killed the installation of Win XP 64bit.

  2. We never had any questions or support request from 7 Aliens! So I don’t know, why they are crying now.

    So Mr. M in this case if I would be in your position:
    I would take my money back from 7 Aliens and I would take a look to other products from other companies.
    I would buy Win 7 64bit, kill the Win XP 64bit installation and install then Win7 64bit!

Yeah I’m getting a weird issue with this software too, I just purchased it… I got it to run fine through jBridge problem is when I’m bouncing down it dont detect the patterns… however whilst monitoring seems to play patterns fine… sounds like a routing problem when bouncing… damm it !! and I was having so much fun with it!!