Catanya gets upgraded FINALLY!

Just got an email that they’ve upgraded this to 2.0. I’d given up on ever seeing this. Great idea starter/those who have it will understand.

Hi. I’m also Catanya user as I’m not a pianist. But I have a problem with Catanya 2. When I load it in host, Cubase freezes. I have to close it through tasks dispatcher then start Cub as admin. In one project Catanya starts to give an error. I have 100 times to click on “OK” button to make it work again in this particular project. Sent email to 7Aliens, no reply so far. Do you have anything like this?

Never had anything like that with Catanya, just the error in which the interface was minimalised and wouldnt display. I emailed the developer and got a response blaming everything on Cubase (2 years ago). No problems with the update

Got from 7Aliens updated Catania2. Looks OK.