Catastrophic crashing in Cubase 6.5...

I’m not sure this is really a software issue; I suspect it might be a bad video card or motherboard issue even, but I have to start someplace so here goes. I have a brand new i7-based windows machine running windows 64 bit with 32 Megs of Ram. I’m running Cubase 6.5/64 bit with a RME 9632 Hammerfall audio card. From the day I got the computer, it has crashed frequently and catastrophically (= you cannot close down the frozen app with Task Manager but must reboot the computer). At first I thought it was related Cubase but then I noticed it also happened when just playing back a QT movie. It does not seem to crash running EXCEL or WORD, which is why I’m beginning to think it may be a video card issue. Anyway, it’s driving me absolutely nuts and I have no idea what could be causing it or how to approach fixing it. Has anyone had issues like this?



If your sure it’s your graphics card remove it and see if the crash still happens on the motherboard graphics…
Also is your i7 overclocked? If so it could be a setting for your overclock possibly the voltage.
If you have little knowledge on pc building get an expert to look at it.if it’s new why don’t you ask the manufacturer as well.

Couple of ideas for you If you think it’s hardware based you should really post in the hardware section and see who could help.some system specs wouldnt go a miss too.