Catch my Guitar

One-man Band!
Guitar – Bass * – Drums * * Cubase 9
Gibson Les Paul Classic.
Instrumental – Homerecording – Video
Direct recording, no amplifier or speaker cabinet.
To enjoy it. Give your comment?

Just love it. You are making an homage to your Les Paul Classic. You get such a great tone. I have an LP (Studio Deluxe, 2012, coil taps), always struggled with the tone. A bit too bright and deep at the same time. My SG and my 335 are more even, so I tend to use those. But you really captured what an LP can do. What amp sim are you using? It really captures the tone. I also love the photos of the old guitars, and I am guessing you have a story to tell. Tell it!

I use the LINE 6 pocket POD for the guitar solo.
Speaker / amp simulation, Black Panel (Fender deluxe Reverb, Black face).
Maybe a little too much distortion.
The Gibson Les Paul has its specific character.
Direct recording, from LINE 6 to Cubase.