Categories for Retrologue


I started using the Retrologue plug-in, but I quickly noticed there are no Categories for the different types of sounds i.e, Leads, Pads, Bass…

Is this how the software is supposed to work, or am I having an issue with Retrologue?

I can’t see myself using this software without Categories. It just slows down the process heavily.

Anyone else having an issue with this?

click the preset tab , look to the bottom left icon and activate filters

This is the fix I was given… Thank you.

Open Retrologue > click on presets window > an empty panel will appear, in the bottom left is an icon,click on it
the panel will dim > click on filters and location tree > icons in top left, click those (retrologue & factory )
Now click off Retrologue , you will be asked to keep -discard - etc.
Keep them you’re done.

Maybe your talking about Cubase internal state of Retrologue, because in my case (in Studio One) i not see any tabs or settings for sorted factory presets by categories. All in a single list