Category filters

Is there a default setting for category filters in the loop browser section?

Not sure if I understand your question, but I would venture that the default would be, no category selected.

Attached is the area Im talking about. There are all sort of categories that can be set up. Is there are a default setting I can set up which is the same as when I first installed cubase
Untitled.tiff (106 KB)

Hi John- tiff files are a bit difficult to open on Windows. Could you post a jpg or png?

hi Hows this

Well, it looks like nothing is selected… which would be the default. Is that what you’re asking? :confused:

Yes :slight_smile: as it would be when I installed cubase-would it be something to do with preferences folder?

Have a look at this- it’s the list of where the various resources Cubase needs are stored.

Hi Steve many thanks for the link-I removed the MediaBay column, list, attribute settings and that did the trick :slight_smile: