Caubase 11 Pro trouble with USB eLicenser

So I am trying to install Cubase 11 Pro 30 day trial. I want to try it out to see if I like it better than other software. I have my iLock USB device plugged in my PC as well as I have Steinberg’s eLicenser software. When I go to activate Cubase 11 Pro, it keeps telling me " Currently, there is no USB eLicenser connected to your device. Please connect a USB eLicenser to your computer".
It is plugged in. I am looking right at it. I have done all the updates and looked for solutions online. I have tried different USB ports ( USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 ). I uninstalled all related softwares and re-installed several times. I have sent the licensing over via the Steinbergh Download Assistant. In my Steinberg account, it shows it as an active USB eLicenser.

Anyone have any helpful tips before I wash my hands of it and I move onto another software platform? Thanks in advance.

Do you have Steinberg usb key?

iLock will not work.

As stated by misohoza, Steinberg eLicenser only works with a Steinberg USB dongle for Cubase 11 Pro 30 day trial.
eLicenser will not work with iLock USB device

Indeed, without a USB-eLicenser, you cannot use the Cubase Pro trial.
However, you can test Cubase Elements 11 which does not require a physical eLicenser:
Try Cubase now for 30 days | Steinberg