CAUTION!! Multiformat Batch process corrupts original files!

When using the multi-format batch processor, DO NOT send the new processed files to be included in the folder that contains the original file! WL 8.5 will corrupt the original files!! The status window says the destination is correct but when you actually process the files WL corrupts the ORIGINAL files and renders them useless and unreadable by even WL. (and at the same time not even rendering new files) SO unacceptable its not even funny, especially since it happened with a major label client.
I was testing out the multi format batch converter and it worked great for rendering 16bit and mp3 files in one click. So after testing it, I had a tight deadline with a major label artist that needed 24bit, 16bit and 320kmp3s masters. I had a folder called “TI-Bout the Money MASTERS” So I set up the batch processor to take the 24bit masters from that folder and make 2 subfolders named “16bit masters” and “320k_mp3 masters”. “Stop on error” and "Stop and Ask " if a file is to be overwritten were both on so, it should limit any issues. Everything looked right in the output window, I hit process. I went to check the files and thats when I found out that all of my edited masters were corrupted. A 60mb file was shrunk down to 706k and is now unreadable by even WL… it doesn’t even know what type of format it is in. And, it didn’t even make the 16bit (or mp3s). This happens in 8.5 and the 8.5.10 update (32bit) I does work correctly if the original file is in a separate folder and the output destination folder is set to another folder. Just trying to make sure no one else loses their material before they fix this issue.

Cannot reproduce the problem here (in WL 64-bit). Seems to work fine. Can you provide a precise step by step procedure which creates the problem every time ?

are you on a mac or pc?