Cautionaries at the ends of flows (trick to display)

Alright gang: YMMV, but I just discovered something completely by accident.

If you have a coda in a different key, and then delete the coda, you’re left with a cautionary key signature at the end of the flow. This hack may come in handy in certain situations (I can imagine using this to indicate a cautionary for a da capo repeat after a trio, for instance). I know we normally want to hide cautionaries, but sometimes you need to force them to show too.

This is obviously not supported / intended use, so YMMV.
cautionaries at end of flows


Interesting! I even get a final bar line instead of just a double one. Doesn’t work for time signatures, though. And after closing and re-opening the project, there suddenly is an extra bar at the end. I can delete that extra bar in the system track, like I did with the Coda, and seemingly get back the cautionary KS after the final barline. But apparently, the lonely key change at the end is not the actual, final stage of the situation. There’s a secret empty bar, that will be displayed when Dorico reopens the project.


Good catch!

I think I might have figured out a workaround for the situation where it is desired to have a cautionary key signature and/or time signature at the end of a flow.
The following steps could possibly be refined further, but this is what worked for me. In my case, I wanted both types of signature as cautionaries.

Select the final barline and change it to a double barline.
Select this barline and add a key signature.
Select the same barline and add a time signature as a pickup bar (for example 3/4,1).

During these steps, a double barline will have appeared at the end of the system, after the cautionary key and time signatures.

There are two ways of removing/hiding that barline.

  1. This involves changing the design of dashed barlines, so if you use dashed barlines in this project you would be better off using method number 2.

Select this double barline and change it to a dashed barline and then in Engraving Options > Barlines > Design set the Dash length for dashed barlines (no. 7) to zero, and Apply.


  1. in Notation Options > Barlines, select the relevant flow and set Automatic barline at end of flow to No barline, and Apply.

Next, select the rest(s) after the double barline and do Edit > Remove Rests.
This could also probably be achieved by selecting the note/rest immediately before the double barline and enabling Ends voice.

If desired, you can adjust the spacing at the end of the system in Engrave mode > Note Spacing.

Whichever method you use to un-show the added barline at the end of the system, I highly recommend that you check the final barline in every flow to make sure that it is the design you want.

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Here is an example.

End-of-flow cautionaries example.dorico (1.5 MB)