Cautionary acc. for altered unis. in different instruments

is there an option to display cautionary accidentals for altered unison in different instruments?
I cannot find it…
thanks a lot

No, at the moment there’s no option for this. I’ve seen this occasionally in choral music (where several people will be reading the score) but I would be interested to know your use case for this, so we can understand your requirements a little better.

It is an orchestral score, where linear logic leads to altered unisons between instruments in vertical sense. If it would be in piano, Dorico would automatically display cautionary accidentals. It is my experience from orchestral rehearsals, that conductor needs to see, that it is not a mistake of composer. It would be also nice, if Dorico displays cautionary accidentals in the bar or following bar when there is a succession of flat/sharp and natural for the same note or octave between instruments. This is quite often seen in chromatic music of the late 19th century or early 20th cent.

That’s interesting. Thanks for the additional context. Do you want Dorico to be able to do this across all instruments in the ensemble, i.e. the full orchestra?

Definitely, right now I am doing it manually.